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Hi, I'm Sander Schekman.

Enthusiast for everything front-end.

Check out some of my work down below or go to my GitHub or LinkedIn page.

A little about me.

I'm a 22-year-old communications & multimedia student turned front-end  developer based in Arnhem, The Netherlands. During my studies, I spent 6 months learning the ropes of web development with the awesome team behind Noombers.

During my minor, Scripting for Designers, I started getting into Javascript on a serious level and exploring the server-side of things by building two very similar apps using different technologies.

A few months afterward I've spent at Whale Agency working mainly on projects involving front-end work with Locomotive.

I'm currently working on my graduation assignment as a front-end designer/developer at Nelen & Schuurmans in Utrecht.

Stuff I enjoy working with.

High Cuisine

By: Whale Agency Using: Locomotive, jQuery, Bootstrap, Sass, GitHub

During my time at Whale Agency, this was one of the projects I worked on. My responsibility on this project was to help realise the front-end of the site.



By: Jacco Schumacher, Jorre Spijker, Nico Ender and Me Using: Meteor, Angular, MongoDB, Heroku, GitHub

PubQuiz is a new take on the classic pub quiz principle. Participants use their smartphones to answer questions and sabotage the opposing teams. Built in a team of 4 as part of the Scripting for Designers minor.



By: Jacco Schumacher, Nico Ender and Me Using: Node.js, Socket.IO, Angular, Heroku, GitHub

This web app shows a lot of similarities with PubQuiz. The principle is the same but it is built with different technologies. This taught me a lot about the strengths and weaknesses of serval technologies. Out of the two quiz apps, this one was the clear winner!


Game Out

By: Jacco Schumacher, Michiel Heusinkveld, Mart Ganzevles, Tom Kaal, Marlon Scholten and Me Using: Photoshop, Illustrator

Game Out was sparked by the teams shared memories of playing outside with our friends and the realisation that this seems to be a dying phenomenon among the younger generation. This web-based application was a proof of concept to give playing outside a little upgrade. In the prototype, kids use their smartphones to collect the most coins. This is achieved by tracking the phone’s location via GPS.



By: Me Using: Locomotive, jQuery, Bootstrap, GitHub

A small project that I did for a YouTube channel that I run with a couple of friends. Note the randomly selected cinemagraph in the background!